MIT Business Sustainability Strategy: Technology And Management

MIT Business Sustainability Strategy: Technology And Management

On completion of this programme, you’ll walk away with:

1 The knowledge to navigate the multifaceted sustainability challenges facing businesses today, using the lens of the PROMISE framework.

2 A strategy for implementing sustainability initiatives and engaging others in the development of sustainable business practices.

3 Insight into how new technologies can solve sustainability issues and drive solutions.

4 An understanding of how to navigate the tensions between pursuing sustainability initiatives and optimizing business performance.

Is this course for you?

This program is suited to business leaders and strategic decision makers who hope to drive their organization forward in a responsible, ethical way. It also applies to those involved in the day-to-day functions of a business who want to play a role in proposing strategies or company-wide policies.

Course Curriculum

Over the duration of this online program, you’ll work through the following modules:

World Challenges: Environment, Inequality, Poverty, and Social Well-being

Explore the choices that businesses and society are making in the context of social and environmental sustainability issues.

The Standard Playbook: Managing for Sustainability

Review the stakeholders and strategies involved in traditional approaches to sustainability management.

The PROMISE Framework: Tensions, Trade-Offs, and Impact

Learn to utilize the PROMISE framework to navigate complex and multifaceted sustainability issues.

Next-Generation Strategies for Sustainability: Technology and Innovation

Discover how new technologies, strategies, and changes in human behaviour, in conjunction, can drive innovative sustainability solutions.

Market Failures and Institutions: Changing the Rules of the Game

Learn the causes and costs of key types of market failures and how these may be remediated.

Management for the 21st Century: Agents of Change

Work through the stages of developing a strategy to enact positive and sustainable change

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MIT Business Sustainability Strategy: Technology And Management
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