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Content Marketing Expert

About the Role:

The Content Marketing expert role at Clipboard Health is responsible for making sure our work is seen by the people we want to see it, whether we are reaching out to the kind of people we want to recruit, the nurses we serve, or any other stakeholder.

We have found that everyone knows a little about Facebook advertising and targeted promotion on LinkedIn. We are looking for someone who can do much more than that – who has a proven history of promoting corporate content effectively in a variety of different contexts. We are looking for someone creative, data-driven, and organized who can market our content in both the ways we’d think of ourselves and all the ways we wouldn’t.

You need to be able to accommodate USA timezone hours.

In this role I….

  • Accurately assess the target audience for a particular piece of content, and identify the best places and methods to reach that audience.
  • Make decisions based on data. I “know my numbers” at all times – I can tell you how effective a particular promotional method was in the past and explain from data why it makes sense to use a particular method in the future.
  • Communicate with an international team of creators to gather viewpoints, understand needs and find the best ways to cooperate in working towards a common goal.
  • Work with the team to maintain organization, efficiency and an overall fast pace.
  • Constantly gather data. You can quantify how well a particular effort is doing, and you know when things change.
  • Love to Optimize. Good enough is never good enough; you are looking for the little tweaks and changes that make things work better.
  • Look to find new solutions. You know the technique that works well today might not work well tomorrow – you are always running tests, trying new outlets, and looking for unconventional but effective ways to promote content that we haven’t even thought of yet.
  • Always stay organized. The team works best when we know what everyone else is doing, and when. You are the kind of person who always sits down at their desk knowing your plan for the day.

What Success Looks Like:

  • 3 months in: You have established a basic framework for promotion of everything the content team creates. When we write a new article, you have an idea of where you are going to push it to get it in front of relevant eyes in a way that creates measurable results. You closely track a variety of data (Impressions, clicks, user behavior, outcomes, etc) at each step in the process. You record the data you gather in a way that can be shared and discussed – you always “know your numbers” and can talk about what you’ve learned and how you’ve adjusted in light of those learnings. You use the data you gather to further refine your process,
  • 6 months in: You are now fully familiar with not just the goals of the content team, but also with Clipboard Health as a whole – you understand our culture, our goals, and what we are working for well enough to anticipate needs and preemptively move to meet them. You are active in team discussions, helping plan what we are doing next and coming up with new, innovative ideas about what kind of content we should produce. You find unconventional and unconventionally effective ways to promote that content; you are the person other people copy when they want to find new ways to excel.

My Superpowers are…

  • Pushing for “better than normal” results. We can put ads on LinkedIn ourselves. We need someone who
  • Seeing opportunities to improve the team. We want someone who has ideas for where we can do more, or how we can do what we do better and who works with the team to make those ideas a reality.
  • Thinking outside the box. We make all the standard content you’d expect, but we also try new things constantly. We are looking for people who think dynamically, both in terms of being able to adapt to new, unique projects and thinking them up yourself.

I work with…

  • An international team of content creators who care about what they do and push for real quality that surpasses the normal corporate boilerplate you might be used to.

Tools I use…

  • Many (potentially dozens) of advertising platforms. You have long since generalized ad-buys on various platforms and can understand a new platform quickly.
  • Various text editors and basic website publishing systems. We regularly use Substack, Notion and a few other publishing platforms in addition to the normal Word and Google Docs programs you are used to.

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Content Market Specialist at Clipboard Health
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